Vintage Canvas Shoulder Bag

Made in 40s and 50s, probably from linen, an industry revived by digging-up royal palace lawns and other farming land to make canvas when cotton was hard to import. Internal dimensions are 12" 30.5cm wide, 13" 33xm tall 4.5" 11.5cm deep. Made with a shoulder strap and strange tabs for fitting to army uniform webbing.

£ 22.00

£3.00 UK postage if 2nd class small parcel
pack ■ 1.00 kg, ↔ 33.0 cm, ⤢ 16.0 cm, ↕ 23.0 cm,
In the UK we can probably send heavier parcels for the same price by courier.

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These have buckles on the back to grip any straps that cross the back of your army uniform. There's also a shoulder strap, so this could be described as a satchel or a handbag. Original uses would include holding anything. Some of the things stored would be rather violent, so they're politely called "gas mask bags", although civilian gasmasks were stored in cardboard.

No two bags are quite the same after long storage, but some of them are stamped Bata - the company called British Bata that operated in the UK until the 2000s. One of them is missing a shoulder strap, so ask if you'd like either a discount or a black microfibre strap instead.

Dimensions are uniform and all bags are a Khaki colour, but other small details vary so ask if you'd like a snapshot of the bag you're going to get before it is sent.

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Brand Veganline

Brand: Veganline
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