Mens Zip Jacket



Vegan jacket made at Open Space, 200 Brick Lane, London. Waterproof non-breathable material with tactile, soft feel. The jacket has a little internal padding and a viscous lining

£ 69.00

£3.20 UK postage if 2nd class small parcel
pack ■ 1.00 kg, ↔ 23.0 cm, ⤢ 33.0 cm, ↕ 16.0 cm,

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Sewn in the UK from a soft waterproof non-breathable material that feels nice, made in France. The material might be called Boeing by Griffine Induction.

Why mention "made in UK"?

UK Social Security hard to label but probably in proportion to
09.6% spent on Health
05.5% spent on Education
8.13 out of 10 on Human Rights Index (news HRW ; Amnesty )
8.52 out of 10 on Democracy_Index / votes or "full democracy"
1.08 units of C02 per unit of electricity (.23 in the grid) more
0.00 km 0 miles

Data sheet

Size system Shirt Chest circumference in inches - twice the flat width just under the sleeves
Size System Name EN
Size System Suggested Gender Male
Colour Dark Brown
Fastening Zip
Vegan Shoe Material non-breathable plastic sheet, on a fabric backing. Nonleather so vegan of course.
Washing gentle machine wash 40°. Shoes are best put in a pillowcase to save them marking anything
Drying squash in a towel, then leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Bits from Material made in France - probably Griffine Boeing
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Pack Recycled envelope and printed label
Google Product Category 5598
Shop product ID 44

Colour: Dark Brown

Size System: EN Male

Google Product Category: 5598