Sandal Denim



vegan womens sandals with a recycled denim top and open toe, made in UK on a foam rubber sole shaped for comfort.


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Gender, fit Womens narrow heel shoe boot slipper or sandal
Soft mid-sole Stiff foam layer from front to back
Footbed Fabric on stiff foam
Size system English third-of-an-inch sizes. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left of the size selection.
Toe Cap Open toe
Fastening Buckle
Vegan Shoe Material cotton canvas. Nonleather so vegan of course.
Washing Hand wash with soap and warm water. Soaking is OK. Machine .wash at your own risk because of the weight
Drying squash in a towel, then leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Packaging Printed Cardboard is recycled and recyclable. Boxes may be covered with used Amazon paper or vegetable wrapping paper to make returns easier.

Description of vegan shoe boot or belt

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Other sizes can't be ordered as Softwalker Shoe Co has closed; they were ahead of the market, although their foam supplier and possibly owner,, is in business and growing.