Vegan belts in three widths  -
25mm narrow  1" vegan belts
32mm medium  1.25" vegan belts
38mm wide    1.5" vegan belts

Belt length measurement is from the buckle to the centre hole. You can experiment with a tape measure to find out what belt strap length is comfortable as you sit down or stand up. It isn't related to any other size, nor to the length to the tip of the belt which is a few inches more. You can also buy nonleather microfibre belt straps to fit an existing belt buckle

We are at the end of a roll of material this July and may send thicker 4mm belt straps is the usual 3mm material isn't in stock.
Meanwhile there are some clearance odds and ends to sell, specially for thin people or people who don't mind joins in their belt strap or holes that are not in a straight line. Watch this space.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 14 items