Audrey Red Slipper


Red velour slipper with three lines of stitching in a simple cushioned top to make it slightly stretchy at the sides.
Like the other Audrey slippers, this has a slightly soft footbed.

Made in Spanish working conditions under EU health safety environmental employment and discrimination law.

£ 17.00

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pack ■ 0.50 kg, ↔ 16.0 cm, ⤢ 28.0 cm, ↕ 12.0 cm,
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Audrey slippers are slow fashion. If anybody wants to tell us the history of them, please get in touch! By the 2000s there were still a couple fo firms making them in the UK, one of which had taken-over the tools of Pirelli, the rubber company, when it pulled out of slipper manufacturing. By the mid 20-teens, both firms had closed although there is stilll one that might make 200-pair orders. The wholesaler that used to sell a lot of these things found a supplier in Spain that can make an almost identical design so that shoe shops don't have continuity of supply and don't need to leave gaps on the shelves: a thrifty solution. It's an extreme contrast to trainer designs that use a lot of cheap labour that's only possible in the far east, and change each year so that only the most on-message high-turnover shop can stock them and even those shops have to mark-down the odd sizes left from last years' style, so everybody is very busy and nobody makes any money. That's the difference between slow and fast fashion, except that there isn't much money in Audrey slippers either - their  just a more sustainable option.

Data sheet

Material velour fabric on a layer of foam with fabric lining. Nonleather so vegan of course.
Size System English third-inch lengths. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left.
Size System Name EN
Size System Gender Female
Gender, fit Womens narrow heel shoe boot slipper or sandal
Colour Red-ish
Soft mid-sole Stiff foam layer from front to back
Footbed fabric on board
Toe Cap No toe puff so more breathable. If your toes stick-up, you can add elastoplast inside slippers to stop your toes wearing-through.
Washing Don't soak as the footbed swells. Otherwise, hand washing with soap is fine. Instinct, risk & thought apply.
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Category 187
Brand Veganline
Product ID 29
Colour: Red-ish
Size System: EN Female
Brand: Veganline
Upper Material: velour fabric on a layer of foam with fabric lining. Nonleather so vegan of course.

Google Product Category: 187