Camouflage Shoe



A smart shoe when new that frays at the creases with age but gets even more comfortable as it gets to look more aged.


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Description of vegan shoe boot or belt

It's possible to alter this shoe with coloured wax or inks, or just to use it as it is. The UK-made Solovair design has an acrylic felt mid-sole at the front, to encourage the footbed to mould slightly to the shape of your feet.

Shoe sizes, vegan materials & more...

Gender, fit Mens mainly; a pad can narrow the heel
Soft mid-sole Acrylic felt that moulds to the shape of your feet over time, under the ball of the foot.
Footbed Cellulose board that moulds to the shape of your feet if used over a mid-sole
Size system English third-of-an-inch sizes. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left of the size selection.
Toe Cap Stiff toe puff between the upper and lining, designed to keep the toe shape
Fastening 4 lace holes each side
Upper cotton canvas glued to a non-woven backer. Check photos of how this frays over the life of the shoe
Washing Don't soak as the footbed swells. Otherwise, hand washing with soap is fine.
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Wear-out Slow, except that camouflage fabric frays along the creases long before the backing layer or anything else wears-out
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time