One Bar pointed shoe


Tredair-sole one bar vegan sandal with a slightly cushioned front under a footbed that moulds to the shape of your feet. Womens shape and sizes.

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One-bar womens vegan sandal with a Tredair sole including a slightly cushioned front under a footbed that moulds to the shape of your feet. There is a bungee layer under the front of the foot to reduce shock and maybe add a slight bounce to your step.

The sole and upper materials are thicker than those on most womens shoes, and strong enough to last most people for years.

If your size isn't in stock, you might want  to try the size search that works for each category. On the desktop version of the site, it's on the left of the screen.

Size 3 is in stock if shown but has an alternative option with a more trim sole shape and a soft footbed. It is from another UK factory with an interesting story behind it, but now closed. I you want to order size three, you are welcome to get in touch and ask for a picture; we'll knock ten pounds off the price as well. Email shop [ at ] veganline dot com

Made in UK.

Data sheet

Material 2mm vegan leather (microfibre) with a breathable plastic coating, Durable except for the coating
Size System English third-inch lengths. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left.
Size System Name EN
Size System Gender Female
Gender, fit Womens narrow heel shoe boot slipper or sandal
Soft mid-sole Bungee rubber under the ball of the foot, that adds a slight bounce and allows the footbed to mould
Footbed Cellulose board that moulds to the shape of your feet if used over a mid-sole
Toe Cap Stiff toe puff between the upper and lining, designed to keep the toe shape
Washing Don't soak as the footbed swells. Otherwise, hand washing with soap is fine. Instinct, risk & thought apply.
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Wear-out Durable. The shine rubs-off the upper material in places but is easy to blacken. Then after miles or years, the sole wears thin enough to crack and is expensive to replace.
Compostable no - but we sell replacement soles and the uppers last a long time
Category 187
Product ID 25 Size System: EN Female

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