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UK Social Security  hard to label but probably in proportion to 
09.6% spent on      Health
05.5% spent on      Education
8.13 out of 10 on  Human Rights Index (news HRW ; Amnesty )
8.52 out of 10 on  Democracy_Index / votes or "full democracy"
1.08 units of C02  per unit of electricity (.23 in the grid) more
0.00 km 0 miles   
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UK-made vegan shoes are more than a brand, but these costs reduce what's left for vegan shoes UK-made to have brand advertising, PR & packaging for smart retail, rapid style changes and air freight, new moulds, or fiddly sewing. You can draw your own brand, like a smiley face or a black spot or something if you want.

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Showing 1 - 12 of 48 items