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T shirts made in UK working conditions - we'll have some more in stock this summer.
Last time we sold UK-made T shirts they were thin 140gsm cotton: we still have small ones in stock in dark blue. There were some riots at the time and we called the T shirts Riotstopper. You can see the page on http://veganline.com/info/riotstopper-t-shirts
The previous time we got some vintage stock of polyseter-viscous shirts that people wear as an extra layer in winter. The come with free 1960s graphics and are still in stock in most sizes.

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  • Seamless tubular T shirts often worn as an extra layer in winter - an alternative to wearing thick thermals alone. The shirts are an unbleached, slightly off-white colour called Ecru, and look good worn on their own but are too easy to put in the hot whites wash or tumble dry by-mistake, after which the texture becomes less smooth and more tufted.

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  • Made in 40s and 50s, probably from linen, an industry revived by digging-up royal palace lawns and other farming land to make canvas when cotton was hard to import. Internal dimensions are 12" 30.5cm wide, 13" 33xm tall 4.5" 11.5cm deep. Made with a shoulder strap and strange tabs for fitting to army uniform webbing.

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items