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SEU safety standards these vegan safety boots are tested to. 

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S2 has a safety toe cap and a more flexible, flatter sole.
S3 has a safety toe cap and armoured sole to reduce punctures if you step on an upturned nail. It is stiffer but has a more rolling shape, otherwise they look the same

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The S2 variant of this boot has a toe cap that withstands impacts of  200 joules.
The S3 variant of this boot has a toe cap that withstands impacts of  200 joules.

and an armoured mid-sole to withstand punctures from upturned nails.
Both versions are tested to the current EN ISO 20345:2011 tests on these points and others such as slip resistance, strength, breath-ability or absorbent lining, and a slightly cushioned sole or insole.

Most safety toe caps are steel. The S3 version of the boot has a non-magnetic toe cap to suit people who work near security gates. It is airport-friendly and the composite toe cap has passed just the same tests as the steel one used on the S2.

The soles are made or polyurethane and are reasonably oil acid and alkali resistant.

The S3 variant is slightly stiffer, because of the armoured mid-sole, and so is made on a more curved rolling last shape than the photos.
There are two very similar designs with the same name; the new one came without warning, and needs a new photo. The sole forma a strip round the side of the base of the shoe to give it a flatter appearance. There's a different patch round the lace holes. It's probably better-looking to most people, but a photograph will follow soon so that you can make up your own mind.

The manufacturer changed the design a little without notice and without changing the name, so some S3 boots now have a higher plastic edge to the sole, and a patch of material round the lace holes. There

If you choose a size and then click a circle for S2 or S3, an order button will probably appear but when a size is out of stock you might have to try the other variant to get the order button. Some people call these work boots, which is worth a mention to help them find safety boots or our Tredair Bouncing-sole vegan footwear for people who are on their feet all day but need no toe protection.

Data sheet

Material 2mm vegan leather (microfibre) with a breathable plastic coating, Durable except for the coating
Size System Euro sizes two thirds of a cm apart. English translations on the right of the size selector.
Size System Name EU
Size System Gender Unisex
Gender, fit Unisex vegan shoes boots, vegan boots, belts sandals & slippers
Colour Black-ish
Soft mid-sole S3 has an armoured mid sole to reduce injury if you step on an upturned nail. S2 has no mid sole
Footbed Sports shaped insole, removable and washable, over a cellulose board. Nonleather
Toe Cap 200 joule impact resistant toe cap - a standard called S2, part of EN ISO 20345:2011
Fastening 5 lace holes each side
Washing Hand wash with soap and warm water. Soaking is OK. Consider the weight before machine washing - maybe wash in a pillow case. Instinct, risk & thought and obvious facts apply.
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Wear-out Durable. The shine rubs-off the upper material in places but is easy to blacken. Then after miles or years, the sole wears thin enough to crack and is expensive to replace.
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Pack Surplus boot boxes are turned inside-out to look better.
Category 187
Brand Veganline
Product ID 46
Colour: Black-ish
Size System: EU Unisex
Brand: Veganline
Upper Material: 2mm vegan leather (microfibre) with a breathable plastic coating, Durable except for the coating

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