Soft sole Andrea velour slipper


Brand: Made in Spain Full Democracy on Democracy Index before Catalonia; 8.9% of GDP spent on health,  4.2% education

H-top soft-sole washable velcro slipper with a velour top and a sewn-in footbed.


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Description of vegan shoe boot or belt

Comfylux diagram:
Diagram of Comfylux Slipper construction

Comfylux soles have different amounts of bubbles in different parts of the rubber sole, so there is a slight give under-foot as you walk, but the outer part of the rubber is still hard enough to use indoors.

The heel stiffener is part of the same rubber, and pops-up however many times you step on it, making Comfylux a safe brand of slipper to wear as well as a comfortable one. Did you know there was a Comfylux stage at Glastonbury one year? Now you do.

We stock several of these womens comfylux slipper styles in at least one colour

  • Washable ones are machine washable with sewn-in footbeds; others are probably washable at your own risk; you'd have to find a way to re-fix the footbed if it curled-up in the wash, or use a replacement insole.
  • Superwide slippers are bulbous, for swollen feet, while the standard is a wide, loose fit for the size.
  • One or two styles might be in stock in some sizes, but not listed yet on the site
Diana -  Standard Fit Washable Velour low- top black floral
Andrea - Standard Fit Washable Velour high top blue floral
Sally - Superwide Washable Velour low- top seam free
Davina - Superwide Washable Velour low- top
Betty - Superwide Washable Velour high top blue floral
Helen - Superwide low top
Jill - Hydromax high top
Barbara  Hydromax low top
Stella - Superwide Stretchy front low top

Shoe sizes, vegan materials & more...

Google Product Category 187 (shoes and footwear)
Suggested Gender Female
Gender, fit Womens narrow heel shoe boot slipper or sandal
Size System Name EN
Size system English third-of-an-inch sizes. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left of the size selection.
Soft mid-sole Stiff foam layer from front to back
Toe Cap No toe puff so more breathable. If your toes stick-up, you can add elastoplast inside slippers to stop your toes wearing-through.
Fastening touch fastening, hook & loop
Vegan Shoe Material velour fabric on a layer of foam with fabric lining. Nonleather so vegan of course.
Washing gentle machine wash 40°. Shoes are best put in a pillowcase to save them marking anything
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Pack Printed Cardboard is recycled and recyclable. Boxes may be posted in scrap paper to make returns & re-sale easier.