• Cork insoles with a fabric top
  • Foam insoles with a fabric red tartan top
  • Foam insoles with an acrylic fleece top
  • If you don't see a black "add to cart" button, try choosing another style in case a button appears, or order a larger size & cut it down with scissors.

£ 3.00

  • Foam Fabric
  • Cork Fabric
  • Foam Fleece

Data sheet

Size System English third-inch lengths. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left.
Size System Name EN
Size System Gender Unisex
Washing gentle machine wash 40°. Shoes are best put in a pillowcase to save them marking anything. Instinct, risk & thought apply.
Drying squash in a towel, then leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Pack Used envelope with label printed on an Ecotank inkjet printer, often on scrap paper.
Category 2801
Brand Veganline

More info

We can post these in the UK for about the price of a stamp, but postage to other countries is expensive; you'd do better to buy locally. The insoles are easy to add to another order and shouldn't alter the postage cost.

Cork Fabric insoles are made or rubber and cork, about 2mm thick, with a layer of needle-punch fabric on top. 

Foam Fabric insoles are made of open-cell latex rubber foam, about 2mm thick, with a layer of cotton fabric on top printed in a red tartan pattern.

Foam Fleece insoles are made of the same open-cell latex form with a layer of acrylic fleece on top.

If a combination is out of stock, the black "add to cart" button doesn't show, but a click on a round button might find another material in the same size that's in stock so the button appears, or you could order a larger pair and cut it down with scissors.

Smaller sizes 3-8 are pointy at the front and narrow at the heel for "ladies"
Larger sizes 6-12 are stubby at the front and wide at the heel for "men" - gentlemen presumably but maybe the footwear wholesaler knows more.
Sizes 6 7 and 8 usually have a choice of ladies or gentlemen; we'll ask, or let us know using the box on the order form.