Belt 38mm flat square brass buckle

Reference: 38mm belt flat square brass


Pale brass buckle in a flat square shape, press-riveted to a 3mm thick vegan belt strap 38mm wide or one and a half inches

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Data sheet

Google Product Category 169 (Belts)
Suggested Gender Unisex
Gender, fit Unisex vegan shoes boots, vegan boots, belts sandals & slippers
Size System Name EN
Size system inches from the belt buckle to the centre hole, or circumference. Measure what's comfortable when standing and sitting.
Colour Black / Brass
Fastening Buckle
Vegan Shoe Material 38mm width
Washing gentle machine wash 40°. Shoes are best put in a pillowcase to save them marking anything
Drying squash in a towel, then leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Wear-out Microfibre strap stretches round the holes and gets paler; eventually you can get a new belt strap and use the same buckle.
Bits from Buckle: India Vegan leather strap material: Spain, cut in London
polishing brass, unvarnished and slightly antiseptic, with no need to polish unless you enjoy it
Strap width 38mm, One and a half inch, wide vegan belt strap
Pack Used envelope with label printed on an ecotank inkjet printer, sometimes on scrap paper.

More info

A wide belt strap often worn with jeans, or to show off a big buckle, or to hang tools on. The width of the strap reduces the pressure of any one point on the body, making this a comfortable choice. The buckle is thick pale brass with a strong centre bar and pin. It can be polished - there's no varnish - but seems to stay pale yellow over time rather than tarnishing to something darker.

The strap is a soft, breathable vegan microfibre 3mm thick.