Belt 32mm strap & rivet no buckle

Reference: 32mm vegan belt strap


Use your own buckle on this 32mm or 1¼" wide vegan belt strap. It's sold with keeper loops and cut to length with a notch and holes for the screw rivet that holds your buckle on. The material is 3mm thick vegan leather, or nonleather if that makes more sense, and it's simply cut from a sheet with no sewing or lining. 

We can make vegan belt straps in different widths -

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Data sheet

Google Product Category 169 (Belts)
Suggested Gender Unisex
Size System Name EN
Size system inches from the belt buckle to the centre hole, or circumference. Measure what's comfortable when standing and sitting.
Colour Black-ish
Fastening Use your own buckle; a screw rivet is included.
Vegan Shoe Material 32mm width
Washing Hand wash with soap and warm water. Soaking is OK. Machine .wash at your own risk because of the weight
Drying squash in a towel, then leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Bits from Strap material: vegan leather from Spain
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Strap width 32mm, one and a quarter inch, medium vegan microfibre belt strap
Pack Used envelope with label printed on an ecotank inkjet printer, sometimes on scrap paper.

More info

Measure an existing belt, buckle to centre-hole, to find a good length or measure what's comfortable round your waist while standing or sitting. Measurements on the order form are in inches. There's no need to compare with other clothing sizes.