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Seamless tubular T shirts often worn as an extra layer in winter - an alternative to wearing thick thermals alone. The shirts are an unbleached, slightly off-white colour called Ecru, and look good worn on their own but are too easy to put in the hot whites wash or tumble dry by-mistake, after which the texture becomes less smooth and more tufted.

£ 10.00

£3.00 UK postage if 2nd class small parcel
pack ■ 0.25 kg, ↔ 25.0 cm, ⤢ 35.0 cm, ↕ 2.0 cm,
In the UK we can probably send heavier parcels for the same price by courier.

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These dry much more easily than cotton - there's no need to tumble-dry.

They come in vintage 1960s cellophane bags with a "Guardian" logo on them.

Manchester Hosiery was a manufacturer of tubular T shirts and womens undwear in Hinkley. After selling these T shirts they went into liquidation several times under the ownership of a Hong Kong yarn manufacturer, which still has a sales office and warehouse in the town for selling similar clothes, and keeps-up some of the trademarks. The main customer was M Holt of Manchester, a cash and carry wholesaler that closed when the owners retired, for lack of a buyer who wanted to hold so much stock or depend on UK short-run manufacturing.

Check your size by measuring a T-shirt that fits you, flat, sleeve-to-sleeve.
Chest measurement is a circumference - double the flat measurement:
46cm or 18" flat = 36" chest circumference (" is shorthand for inches)
48cm or 19" flat = 38" T shirt size
51cm or 20" flat = 40" T shirt size
53cm or 21" flat = 42" T shirt size
56cm or 22" flat = 44" T shirt size
Thermal T shirts are sold for wearing more tightly, as a base layer, so the S / M / L labels are one size smaller than the ones for cotton T shirts .

Product Information

Material Polyester Viscose 50/50 mix, no side seams, not thick
Size System Chest circumference in inches - twice the flat width just under the sleeves
Size System Name EN
Size System Gender Male
Colour Ecru
Washing gentle machine wash 40°. Shoes are best put in a pillowcase to save them marking anything. Instinct, risk & thought apply.
Drying leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Pack Used envelope with label printed on an Ecotank inkjet printer, often on scrap paper.
Category 2592
Brand Veganline
Colour: Ecru
Size System: EN Male
Brand: Veganline
Upper Material: Polyester Viscose 50/50 mix, no side seams, not thick

Google Product Category: 2592

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