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UK Social Security  hard to label but probably in proportion to 
09.6% spent on      Health
05.5% spent on      Education
8.13 out of 10 on  Human Rights Index (news HRW ; Amnesty )
8.52 out of 10 on  Democracy_Index / votes or "full democracy"
1.08 units of C02  per unit of electricity (.23 in the grid) more
0.00 km 0 miles   
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UK-made vegan shoes are more than a brand, but these costs reduce what's left for vegan shoes UK-made to have brand advertising, PR & packaging for smart retail, rapid style changes and air freight, new moulds, or fiddly sewing. You can draw your own brand, like a smiley face or a black spot or something if you want.

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  • Nickel plated buckle in a flat square shape, press-riveted to a 3mm thick strap 28mm wide. Sold with keeper loops. The current design has a temporary picture - the first of two near the bottom of the page. It is very similar to the usual design, but slightly lighter and more

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  • Vegan boots in the classic Tredair T200 style with a 3 layer bouncing sole that moulds to the shape of your feet at the front. Like any ankle boot, it can lace round different-shaped feet and can be worn looser than shoes without falling off, even if you don't lace-up to the top.Goodyear-welted boots like these are sewn together at the sides, allowing...

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  • Tredair-sole brown vegan boots. Most have a black strap under the pull tag at the back and a black patch - the tongue - under the laces but size 12 are brown all-over.The boots are made on world war two army lasts which have a rolling shape, like a hiking boot. The soles are Tredair with a layer of foam under the forefoot, and held-on to the sides with...

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  • Vegan womens brogues, UK-made with a Tredair bouncing sole that moulds to your feet, and an unusually thick, long-lasting construction for a womens shoe; this is something for people who are on their feet all

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  • Vegan camouflage ankle boot that's comfortable because it can be worn loose and still stay on your feet even if it isn't laced all the way to the top, and because the Solovair-sole allows a footbed that moulds to the shape of your feet.

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  • Please check sizing before buying as these came with out good size labels.If you have a pair of court shoes that fits, please measure the insole length in mm so that we can pick out a pair of shoes to match. If your shoes are made in EU sizes we'll pick the nearest UK size up.

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Showing 13 - 24 of 47 items