Soft sole Jill mackintosh boot slipper


High-top mackintosh charcoal-grey slipper; a womens-size version of Comfylux Ken for men; similar to the Barbera low-top slipper

The uppers are cushioned mackintosh material which can be washed gently, perhaps in a pillow case to prevent scuffing of other clothes. The insole is glued-in and will come loose annd curl if washed. 

These can't be re-ordered as sizes run-out, or not in small quantities

£ 20.00

£3.00 UK postage if 2nd class small parcel
pack ■ 0.75 kg, ↔ 20.0 cm, ⤢ 30.0 cm, ↕ 15.0 cm,
In the UK we can probably send heavier parcels for the same price by courier.

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Diagram of Comfylux Slipper construction

The heel stiffener is part of the same rubber as the sole with its different degrees of cushioning, and pops-up however many times you step on it, making Comfylux a safe brand of slipper to wear as well as a comfortable one.

Did you know there was a Comfylux stage at Glastonbury one year? Now you do.

Product Information

Material Waterproof or water resistant fabric on foam, with a lining. Nonleather so vegan of course.
Size System English third-inch lengths. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left.
Size System Name EN
Size System Gender Female
Gender, fit Womens narrow heel shoe boot slipper or sandal
Colour Black-ish
Soft mid-sole Stiff foam layer from front to back
Footbed Fabric on stiff foam
Toe Cap No toe puff so more breathable. If your toes stick-up, you can add elastoplast inside slippers to stop your toes wearing-through.
Fastening touch fastening, hook & loop
Washing The footbed is a glued-in insole that can come loose and curl-up with machine washing; Instinct, risk & thought apply.
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Vegan Footwear category Slippers: womens vegan slippers
Compostable no - but some shoes last a long time
Pack Printed Cardboard is recycled and recyclable. Boxes may be posted in scrap paper to make returns & re-sale easier.
Category 187
Brand Comfylux sole, Veganline
Colour: Black-ish
Size System: EN Female
Brand: Comfylux sole, Veganline
Upper Material: Waterproof or water resistant fabric on foam, with a lining. Nonleather so vegan of course.

Google Product Category: 187

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