Made in Portugal

Portugal Social Security system  comparisons (Wikipedia)
8.45 out of 10 Human Rights Index  (HRW & Amnesty)
8.03 out of 10 Democracy_Index / votes or "Full democracy"
.910 CO2 units per unit of electricity  more
04.9% spent on Education
09.0% spent on Health

more than a vegan shoe brand, but these costs reduce what's left for brand advertising, PR & packaging for smart retail, rapid style changes and air freight, new moulds, or fiddly sewing. You can draw your own brand, like a smiley face or a black spot or something if you want.

List of products by manufacturer Made in Portugal

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  • 10-lace tall vegan boot with a steel toe cap and commando sole glued to a microfibre upper. The toe cap has been tested to a recent standard of impact resistance, but not in this boot because of the costs of testing.

    Product available with different options
  • Wellingtons under 2kg - good for travelling and for mail order as well as being vegan like most wellingtons. They are also made in Portugal - a democratic welfare state. The wholesaler doesn't stock size 40 or 45, preferring to sell in slightly fewer approximate english sizes.

    please email [email protected] before ordering - we can usually get these in a few days

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items