XCap sample size 10

Reference: XCap sample size 10

Just the one pair for sale - see history below - you might want to prize off the toe caps and stick them on again with shoe goo. The size is a snug fit for size 10. Ask for some free insoles if you think they'd improve the fit.

£ 80.00

£3.00 UK postage if 2nd class small parcel
pack ■ 2.00 kg, ↔ 30.0 cm, ⤢ 30.0 cm, ↕ 16.0 cm,
In the UK we can probably send heavier parcels for the same price by courier.

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We have another tall boot - <a href="https://veganline.com/boots/camouflage-tall-boot">https://veganline.com/boots/camouflage-tall-boot</a> in some other sizes, and <a href="https://veganline.com/boots/10-lace-boot">https://veganline.com/boots/10-lace-boot</a> in a lot of sizes.</p>

This was a sample made in the UK. The factory usually uses molten rubber to make the soles on this design, but didn't risk on for a synthetic upper and so had to glue the toe cap onto a ready-made sole. The glue wasn't strong enough first time. If you buy these, you may want to prize off the toe caps and stick them on again with something like Shoe Goo. Or you mght be lucky and find that the toe caps say in with your usual use. Someone wrote that he was "walking in the mountains", when the cap came off, which is different to wearing these at a nightclub every month or two.

UK delivery may be by Hermes or Yodel if the jiffy bag weighs more than 2kg - the weight is very close. The shopping cart will say Royal Mail but delivery will be something like Hermes in practice - another reason why these didn't go into production.

The factory tried lasting this by hand, and the material was rather strong for the width of pliers that they use - you can see that it has stretched a bit unevenly at the sides. So there wasn't a regular batch made - just a first twelve which were given away or sold and returned or sent back to the factory, If anyone knows a nifty way to make these in somewhere like the UK or Portugal, please let us know. There is another factory in Portugal that advertises something similar, but turns down orders if you ask for microfibre instead of leather.

Data sheet

Size System English third-inch lengths. One smaller than US mens. Euro translations on the left.
Size System Name EN
Size System Gender Unisex
Gender, fit Unisex vegan shoes boots, vegan boots, belts sandals & slippers
Colour Black-ish
Soft mid-sole none
Footbed cellulose board
Toe Cap 200 joule toe cap, tested as a component to some recent standard, but not tested in this design of shoe or to the latest standard
Fastening 10 lace holes each side
Washing Don't soak as the footbed swells. Otherwise, hand washing with soap is fine. Instinct, risk & thought apply.
Pack Used envelope with label printed on an Ecotank inkjet printer, often on scrap paper.
Brand Veganline
Product ID 131
Colour: Black-ish
Size System: EN Unisex
Brand: Veganline
Upper Material: