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Veganline.com sells vegan or vegetarian shoes & boots online

Stretchy Shoe

Vegan shoes
Stretchy Shoe

£49.50 UK delivered

This is the velcro strap version of the stretchy shoe shown below.

  • Made in the UK - scroll down for a factory video
  • Lycra (Spandex) top gently expands to almost any foot shape
  • Generous natural fit - some customers find these shoes ½ a size large
  • No toe-puffs - for better stretching washing & ventilation - click a cross-section photo, with the insole removed.
  • Removable foam insole: Poron foam was developed by the foam rubber industry for a more durable and breathable footwear cushion than standard foam
  • Virtually seam-free: the inside linings of our shoes are as smooth as possible Internal seams have been kept to a minimum to ensure that the shoe is comfortable from day one
  • Sewn-in footbed for easy orthotic adaption: sometimes these shoes can be an alternative to specially-made orthopaedic shoes
  • Flex Comfort durable PVC soles with grippers and a slight spring under the heel
  • Lace-up versions available in size 4 and 7
  • Suitable for adding stick-on soles or "lifts" to alter heel height - we suggest using a shoe repair shop for this job rather than a DIY kit as it requires some sanding of the original sole and careful evo-sticking of the stick-on, which may also need to be ground to shape. For those who like making things, stick-on soles and heels are available at cobblers.
  • Suitable for vegans, Jains, strict Hindus, & those with allergies to leather tanning chemicals
breathable upper gently expands to the shape of your feet - even round the toe. Grippers 3-hole lace-up version available soon - stretchy lycra to fit swollen or arthritic feet and sometimes save the need for specially-made orthopaedic shoes. Similar to the Gripper Shoe range comfortable, flexible urethane soles with sewn-in foot-beds for easy adaption if it is necessary combines strength and flexibility

This 6 - minute video shows pairs of DB shoes being made. The soles are directly moulded onto the shoes from 4 minutes into the video, and the soles become recognisable after 5 minutes.

Elastic heel shoes.
£23.50 UK delivered

These are made in a different factory, in Spain.

Padded textile upper, heel just under 1" high, stretchy top. The hardness of the rubber sole isn't stated on the box, but it looks as though it would work out of doors. This shoe is also on the 1" heel page. Another elastic womens' slipper with a soft rubber low sole is on the safety-slippers page, next to a similar-looking mens' slipper with a harder outdoor sole. All these soles can be used regularly on rough surfaces out of doors, but the softer ones wear-out quicker than ordinary shoes.

Made in UK    - Amnesty - Human Rights Watch - EthicalTrade.org-AZO-VOC- Jobs
Made in Spain - EthicalTrade.org -AZO-VOC

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