Made in Italy

Italy Social Security system from an list ; The Italian Welfare State on Wikipedia.
7.28 out of 10 on Human Rights Index 2019 (HRW & Amnesty )
7.50 out of 10 on Democracy_Index : "Flawed Democracy" because of the political culture
1.00 unit of CO2  per unit of electricity  more
08.8% spent on   Health
03.6% spent on   Education

more than a vegan shoe brand
, but these costs reduce what's left for brand advertising, PR & packaging for smart retail, rapid style changes and air freight, new moulds, or fiddly sewing. You can draw your own brand, like a smiley face or a black spot or something if you want.

everything branded  Made in Italy

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  • Vegan clogs made in Parma, Italy, for gardening or slipping-on for a walk outside, these are made of tough out-door plastic. For comfort, the fronts are foot-shaped while the footbeds are removable washable sports insoles. Clogs and insoles are washable.Sold in even EU sizes 36 28 40 42 44 46 Restocking is quick and easy so let us know if you want a size...

    Product available with different options

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items