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Vegan sandals and mules from democratic welfare states, mainly

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  • Try a size  search for this category if your size isn't in stock, as this style can't be re-stocked.This is an early example of the Tredair sole, using a foam injection technique for extra bounce. The womens shoe last is foot-shaped for comfort, but has a slight ridge over the toes which would very soon loose its gloss finish if ever rubbed against the...

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  • One bar vegan sandal with a bouncy Tredair sole slightly cushioned at the front where it also moulds to the shape of your feet. There's a similar style in some sizes at - or you can do a size search for this category to find everything in your size

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  • Vegan indoor wedge mule for women with an upper pattern copied from Ocalots - american wild cats that like to sleep in trees during the day and go hunting at night or in twilight. In between the black pattern is reflective metallic material with a slight yellow tinge. The soles are grippy rubber.

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Showing 13 - 16 of 16 items