Made in Poland

7.60 out of 10 on Human Rights Index 2019 (news: Human Rights WatchAmnesty International )
6.62 out of 10 on Democracy_Index  or "Flawed Democracy"
1.95 units of CO2 The International Energy Agency shows produced per unit of electricity (MT per TWH in 2018)
Poland Social Security system from an list or Wikipedia
06.5%  Health expenditure
04.6%  Education expenditure
more than a shoe brand, but these costs reduce what's left for brand advertising, PR & packaging for smart retail, rapid style changes and air freight, new moulds, or fiddly sewing. You can draw your own brand, like a smiley face or a black spot or something if you want.

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  • Sandals that fit in a pocket when not being worn, and that can go in the wash. They have a little stiff foam to make a cushioned footbed, and rather hard straps that have a fabric lining. The footbed itself is an absorbent nonwoven material that lets the foam dry-out after a wash.

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Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item