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China Social Security System - Wikipedia 
1.77 out of 10 on Human Rights Index  (Amnesty Human RIghts Watch )
2.18 out of 10 on Democracy_Index / votes or "Authoritarian Regime"
1.39 units of CO2 per unit of electricity  more
5.2% spent on     Health
??     spent on   Education

China has invaded Hong Kong in the sense of imposing a National Security Law that ends human rights there.
"I am a Chinaphile", said the UK Prime Minister when asked for a response in parliament.
Some importers, such as Sports Direct, treat China and Vietnam interchangeably. If they don't talk about one; they won't talk about the other. One or two, like Pategonia or Vivo Barefoot, present themselves as transparent companies with ethics a sales-point. This is what one of them wrote about leaving China after human rights abuses caused trade sanctions from the USA:
"In 2019 Vivo transitioned production from China to Vietnam (partly due to trade war brinkmanship, partly to overhaul our local management and mainly to continuously improve our shoe making and innovation). "

Low costs allow shoe importers a higher margin to spend on brand PR and advertising, often for quite expensive shoes sold under the best known brands. Chinese goods have subsidised delivery costs from China to the UK, and there is no equivalent to US sanctions imposed over Hong Kong.

Terra Plana - sister company of Vivo Barefoot - argued that China was "arguably more democratic" than western countries and claimed it to be the only rational place to make shoes. Since US sanctions, Vivobarefoot aims to transfer production to Vietnam.

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  • Pool-sliders or flip-flop sandals, light and washable in any sink, with adjustable tops and soft soles, slightly sculpted to match the shape of a foot. Bought before checking where they are made - the catalogue had Euro sizes on it and a European flag.

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