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China Social Security System - Wikipedia 
1.77 out of 10 Human Rights Index  (Amnesty Human RIghts Watch )
2.18 out of 10 Democracy_Index / votes or "Authoritarian Regime"
1.39 CO2 units per unit of electricity  more
5.2% spent on  Health
??  spent on  Education

China has invaded Hong Kong in the sense of imposing a National Security Law that ends human rights there.
"I am a Chinaphile", said the UK Prime Minister when asked for a response in parliament.

Some Chinese and Vietnamese importers use ethics as a sales point. The largest ones like Nike and Addidas preach ethics alongside every other sales point. Specialists like Pategonia tend to concentrate on ethics and sustainability in fashion.

Galahad Clark, director of Vivo Barefoot and Terra Plana, Associate Professor at London College of Fashion -

...web site quotes

"TERRA PLANA are proud winners of an Observer Ethical Fashion Award in 2007 and picked up an award from Drapers for Ethical Footwear Retailer of the Year in 2008." - About Terra Plana; website quote. David Cameron was photographed wearing a pair of their shoes.

"Chinese people vote for their local leaders, where turn-out is often over 80%, who in turn go on to select the national leaders and president.  A different system, but arguably more democratic!" - How can Terra Plana justify making eco friendly shoes in China?, blog post 18 April 2008, written over the name of a Chinese employee next to "author - Gallahad Clark" [source]

"If fashion does not generalize a worldview - then it is nothing. .... Just in the last few years - since I've been coming here - London College of Fashion has transformed itself into a forward thinking place with a conscience."
- Talk at London College of Fashion graduation ceremony... by Visiting Professor, Galahad Clark - 21 April 2008 

This is after US sanctions on China

"In 2019 Vivo transitioned production from China to Vietnam (partly due to trade war brinkmanship, partly to overhaul our local management and mainly to continuously improve our shoe making and innovation). " [source: annual report to shareholders 2020]

The quotes are selected to show that sanctions and tariffs can make a difference, and, at the margin, even consumer choices can make a difference. At the same time, far-eastern prices allow importers to spend far more on development and PR than UK companies; if people take them seriously, they begin to set the conventional view.

Chinese goods can have subsidised delivery costs from China to the UK under an International Postal Union treaty, and there is no equivalent to US sanctions imposed over Hong Kong, unfortunately. The Chinese government appeared to wait to see whether the EU or other countries would follow the US lead before imposing the National Security Law. When they saw that nobody would do anything, they imposed their law.

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  • Pool-sliders or flip-flop sandals to wear barefoot, light and washable in any sink, with adjustable tops and soft soles, slightly sculpted to match the shape of a foot. Bought before checking where they are made, so these are not the most ethical shoes for vegans but they're here on the shelf.

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