Made in China PR

One the least democratic regimes with least human rights by all accounts. Why does the UK government still subsidise imports from them instead of a US-style tariff? Human Rights Watch

Amnesty International is not allowed an office in China - Authoritarian Regine, according to Democracy Index: 
2.18 out of 10

China Social Security System from an list that moves every 2 years

5.2%  Health expenditure

N/A    Education expenditure

More important than shoe brands, although Terra Plana, a fomer sister brand of Vivo Barefoot, argued that China was "arguably more democratic" than western countries and claimed it to be the only rational place to make shoes.

everything branded Made in China PR

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  • light and washable flip flops with adjustable tops and soft soles, slightly sculpted to match the shape of a foot. Bought before checking where they are made - the catalogue had Euro sizes on it and a European flag.

    Product available with different options

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