Pay later by not buying yet

Some vegan shoe sites offer buy-now-pay-later schemes which make their money on messups: on the people who think they can pay later but can't or miss the deadline and have to pay a few pounds. There's also a small charge to the seller. The firms are these...

Klana, Laybuy, Clearpay

There are less risky ways-around the problem.

If you have a pair of vegan shoes thats cracked at the bottom and letting the water in, put a plastic bag underfoot until you can think of a way to patch them.

  • buy shoegoo or similar - maybe you have bath caulk to hand or something like that. Use it to fill the crack and get another month or two out of the shoes. This might take you into summer when they don't have to be so watertight. 

  • find a sheet of something tough enough to tread on - maybe those shoe sole patches you can buy from hardware shops. They are hard to cut to size, and hard to stick-on because you have to grate or sandpaper the sole a bit flat, and then try to get two layers of contact glue to be tacky at the same time and make contact. People who do it for a living let the contact glue dry and then make it tacky with a sun-lamp just before contact.

  • buy secondhand shoes off a charity shop or something like ebay or A search for "Tredair Vegan" on ebay came-up with nothing, suggesting that people keep their vegan boots and shoes to the end of their useful lives.

A lot of shoes and boots on last a long time, so when they wear-out you might have become attached to them and want to try ideas like this for keeping them a bit longer.