Where to get cheapish european vegan football boots?

Does anyone know where to get

  • Football boots
  • Quantities well below 100 pairs per style and colour in occasional batches. Very small batches are fine - even single pairs.
  • Run of the mill shape and style
  • I can provide nonleather upper material
  • breathable
  • made in a democratic welfare state with a good human rights record (so not China)
  • to sell on a low margin by mail order in the UK, so sizing has to be predictable
  • to sell at a price that looks reasonable to a hobby footballer who checks the usual sports shops online
  • paid-for just before delivery

I used to sell Ascot, when online shopping was rarer and anything vegan from a wholesaler was worth a punt to sell online, but now that most shops are online I have to specialised in breathable boots and ones made in democratic welfare states. 

Contact John Robertson shop at veganline dot com