Where to get cheapish european vegan football boots?

Does anyone know where to get these?

  • Football boots
  • Quantities well below 100 pairs per style and colour in occasional batches. Very small batches are fine - even single pairs.
  • Lead time: no rush. Get in touch with me when making the same style for someone else perhaps.
  • Run of the mill shape and style
  • I can provide nonleather upper material
  • breathable
  • made in a democratic welfare state with a good human rights record (so not China)
  • to sell on a low margin by mail order in the UK, so sizing has to be predictable
  • to sell at a price that looks reasonable to a hobby footballer who checks the usual sports shops online
  • paid-for just before delivery

I used to sell Ascot, when online shopping was rarer and anything vegan from a wholesaler was worth a punt to sell online, but now that most shops are online I have to specialised in breathable boots and ones made in democratic welfare states. 

Contact John Robertson shop at veganline dot com

Football Boots on Wikipedia


Where to get sneaker soles in UK sizes?

This is tricky because the cup-shape of a high-side sole is not going to fit all footwear lasts.
A sole made in the UK would be a great discovery, but would probably need some breakthrough in cheaper plastic mould design or 3D printing to be possible.
A sole made of rubber or anything with flexible high sides would be good.
Materials with an ecological interest tend to catch peoples' eyes in this market.

This is the sort of sneaker I used to sell, but it's made in Vietnam and so has gone out of fashion. It has a sole made by sticking a rubber tape round the outside of a plimsoll, which is a lot of paid work for something made in the UK and so probably expensive to get done here, but all ideas are welcome. This batch was re-launched with a choice of green or white laces in the 2000s. When the style reverted to white, I had some green laces made which are still in stock if anyonone wants a pair.

Green Flash retro-styling, sadly now made in Vietnam

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