Womens Mackintosh boots



Mackintosh-top vegan womens boot that keeps the rain and the splashes out while allowing you to ride a bike or walk about. Waterproof up to the base of the zip, and lined with acrylic fur for warmth and easy drying on a radiator.


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Gender, fit Womens narrow heel
Soft or mid-sole Bungee rubber under the ball of the foot, that adds a slight bounce and allows the footbed to mould
Footbed fabric on board
Size system Euro sizes two thirds of a cm apart. English translations on the right of the size selector.
Toe Cap Toe puff to maintain the toe shape, with no impact resistance
Fastening Zip
Upper Waterproof or water resistant fabric on foam, with a lining
Washing Hand wash with soap and warm water. Soaking is OK. Machine .wash at your own risk because of the weight
Drying towel-dry the inside toe area and leave in a warm or windy place for several hours
Compostable no - but some Veganline.com shoes last a long time

Description of vegan shoe boot or belt

All non-leather. Waterproof up to the base of the zip.The material is a waterproof breathable fabric called Samitex, with an acrylic fur lining. Made in Italian working conditions.

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