Sites for booking UK train tickets - similar to National Rail Inquiries possibly easiest to use? has UK journeys by train or bus such as Hammersmith to Bristol. Not sure if it has Berrys and Megabus has eurolines coaches and plane routes on it too. It only lists one or two stops per town - not Hammersmith. 5p off via immutual then lists other bus companies which are good to Paris and close to home apparently. One of them takes you to Russia of you walk the first part to Estonia.

Hitchhiking still exists but more people use the sites on makes no charge and is good for festivals, Blablacar, and are more high-tec, is another. Typical deal is that the site suggests costs towards petrol for a lift, but drivers might take a suitcase for the same price if it looks easy. Typical suggested payment about £5-£10 lists a few people who want you to carry a parcel on a journey for a free. There is another page about posting parcels and cartons up to 30kg in the UK and to Europe.

Hitchikers can reduce the cost of self-drive car hire - offers person to person car hire with lower overheads than traditional garage-based care rental by making use of existing parking and private cars. There is no car-club membership fee, so the cheapest car hire on Hiyacar is probably one of the cheapest car hire options.

Discounts: topcashback and quidco are cashback sites that can give you 2-3.5% off raileasy, southern railway, and thetrainline.
No need to bother with them until more used to the internet.

Buses: I couldn't find any on to Hammersmith or Heathrow; there is one to Vauxhall from Hastings; I'm not very good at making sense of their web site!
Megabus don't go to Hastings. and give directions mainly for road trips between any two post codes

Do you live in Hastings and want to go to London?

Hastings to London train companies - goes from Hastings to East Croydon and then Clapham & Victoria or London Bridge. is like transport with more options for London only. There's no single bus from Clapham to Kew, but there are trains to Mortlake (platform 5) or Kew Bridge
Clapham Junction - "The station has step free access from St Johns Road entrance onto a footbridge which has lifts to all platforms. Grant Road entrance does not have step free accessibility." Hastings: "Step free access coverage: Whole station. Ticket Office and Car Park are step free. Access to all platforms via Lift." They also lend ramps to get into the trains, so that must be a climb. - goes from Hastings to St Pancras - Maidstone hospital's page about transport. The link to "patient transport" doesn't work so
Maidstone Hospital PALS: 01622 224960 might suggest where to look

http:/// might have ideas for Hastings to Maidstone & back.

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