does not pay return postage when you return or exchange vegan shoes.
We do pay outbound postage if you want a replacement. Please enclose a note asking for a replacement size or a refund.
We try to recycle boxes, so any restraint with sellotape on the returned box - if it makes a difference - is welcome.
UK parcel prices vary wildly year-to-year and between couriers, so this guide might help.
Outside the UK please see below.

Your nearest accepts parcels.

£2.80 pays 0-2kg delivery for a small parcel 45x35x16cm, 2nd class
They give free proof of posting for compensation claims up to £20, and parcels rarely go missing. can help by sending a statement that the parcel was not received and may discuss some compensation towards shoes that you paid more than £20 to buy if there's scanned proof that you posted a parcel to us and we have not received it.
Royal Mail's parcel prices have gone down recently. Ask for the cheapest delivery, and proof of posting, as the service isn't tracked so you need it to make a claim if a parcel is lost.
Cash, Visa, Mastercard, or stamps are all fine. They should return un-deliverable parcels to you if you put a return address on the outside.
Quite likely you've seen our address rubber stamped in large letters somewhere on the papers that came with your order. This is fine as a return address label.
An online price finder takes you to a create postage page for pre-printing labels online, but people find the system fiddly to use at first.

Franked and regular sack collections are a little cheaper.

Royal Mail collect 2.5cm deep large letters and anything else that fits from letter boxes . A belt or T shirt could fit.
25mm deep large letter 73p, £1.17, £1.48, £2.01 for 100,250,500,750g
last price rise updated here 20.04.14

Your nearest parcel shop can accept parcels with stamps you print online.

£2.78 for 1 kg, £3.78 for 2kg for online postage labels to print and drop-off the shoes at a parcel shop.
£2.98 for 1 kg, £3.98 for 2kg for online postage labels to print and leave parcels in a safe place like a porch.
You are welcome to write "please leave on front yard if not in" on the label to make sure it gets delivered here first time.
Hermes charge slightly more for highlands and islands. In theory they deliver and collect from home addresses where they have to ring a door bell, rather than work addresses or safe places, but on their pay scales it is hard for drivers to earn a minimum wage if they try. 2-5kg are cheaper by Hermes than Royal Mail.
last price rise updated here 20.04.14 shows more detailed notes in progress about parcel prices, jotted down for wholesale & export.

Outside the European Union, it is important to write "return - no tariff due" or such and a zero value on the customs sticker.

Tick the "sample" box to be on the safe side.
Slow cheap surface mail is fine if your post office offers it, even if it takes 3 months from the other side of the world.
USPS has given-up surface mail. Their cheapest service is a flat rate box.

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