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Type an ingredient or the name of a recipe into the upper box, just above the grey Find Vegan Recipes button Press the button The screen will show a list of likely page titles, and another search site box with a "search site within results" option When looking at a long page, you might want to use the find on page function of your browser, which us usually Control+F If you are looking for vegan shoes, just click the headings at the top of each page This is easier than using the search site link which is at the right end of the black stripe on most pages
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You can search site for exact phrases by surrounding them in double quotes Or you can just type the words and select "for this exact phrase" The machine searches for the phrase, including punctuation This is a good way of shortening the list of vegan recipes for, say, "banana cake" amongst all the pages that happen to have banana and cake somewhere on the page
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Example Query:   Gets the documents with:
 tofu soya  'tofu' or 'soya' or tofu and soya on the page
 "tofu soya"  the phrase 'tofu soya'
 +tofu +soya  'tofu' and 'soya' on a page
 +tofu -soya  'tofu' but not 'soya' 
 +tofu -"soya beans"  'tofu' but not 'soya beans'
Hindi food names English translations of Hindi food names  (from Indianchildcom/indian_spices.htm )
Chana dal
Mirch, mirchi
Jaggery / Gor
Masoor dal
Unripe Mango -powder
Chick pea flour
Split chick peas
Spice blend
Clarified butter
Raw cane sugar
Deep fried savoury pastries
fennel flower, nutmeg flower, black caraway, nigella
Bitter gourd
Yoghurt drink
Fenugreek seeds
Red split lentils
White radish
Cumin, Fennel, Nigella, Fenugreek & Mustard seed
Black mustard seeds
Seasoned yoghurt salad
Kidney beans
Fennel seeds
Chickpea flour noodles
English to American translation :   American to English translation : (below)
 UK pint is 20 fluid ounces US pint is 16 fluid ounces
 UK fluid ounce is only slightly different to US fluid ounce most of the difference is pints
 8 fluid ounces 1 cup
  • aubergine : eggplant
  • bake blind : bake a pastry case empty, by covering with wax paper and weighing down with beans
  • bap : hamburger bun
  • beetroot : beet
  • biscuit : cookie or cracker (sweet biscuit or savoury biscuit)
  • boiled sweet : hard candy
  • brill: avoid it - it's a fish
  • broad bean : fava bean
  • brown bread : wholemeal bread
  • brown stock : stock, vegetable OXO cubes, vegetable stock, Marmite
  • candy floss : cotton candy
  • caster sugar : finely granulated sugar -not as powdery as confectioner's
  • chicory : endive
  • chips : french fries
  • chocolate vermicelli : chocolate sprinkles
  • cider : hard cider
  • cling film : Saran wrap
  • coffee sugar : sugar in large crystals
  • coriander leaves : cilantro
  • corn : almost any grain (see maize and sweet corn)
  • corn flour : cornstarch
  • cos lettuce : romaine
  • courgette : zucchini
  • crisps : potato chips
  • crumpet : something a bit like an English muffin - Crumpets are also an old fashioned slang name for a toy boy or an affair
  • custard : custard sauce, or sometimes baked custard
  • Demerara sugar : light brown cane sugar
  • Devonshire cream : a particular type of clotted cream Although most cream is described as "single", "double" or "whipping" It turns out that the UK brand of cream alternative called "Elmlea" isn't vegan: it has buttermilk in it which is a dairy product
  • digestive biscuits : something like Graham crackers
  • double cream : heavy cream
  • doughnut : jelly doughnut
  • endive : chicory
  • faggot : meatball Faggot is slightly used to mean a gay man, but less so than in the USA
  • fairy cake : cupcake Likewise
  • French beans : string beans
  • ginger nut : ginger snap
  • golden syrup or treacle : something like corn syrup
  • grease proof paper : wax paper, obviously
  • green pepper : bell pepper
  • icing : frosting
  • icing sugar : powdered (confectioner's) sugar
  • jacket potato : baked potato in skin
  • jam: preserve
  • jelly: jello
  • maize : corn
  • Marmite: yeast extract
  • marrow : squash that looks like a giant zucchini
  • mince - a way of buying meat that is like TVP or Sosmix made from water
  • mincemeat : mince pie filling - dried fruit, peel, brandy, etc Sold as a cheap ingredient in jam jars This is vegetarian and probably vegan
  • mixed spice : a mixture of allspice, cinnamon, nutmeg, ginger, coriander and cloves
  • offal: down-market butcher's products Unlikely to be found by a veggie search site engine, but possible
  • perry : hard cider made from pears instead of apples
  • plum duff : plum pudding, apparently,although most people call it Christmas pudding
  • porridge : cooked oatmeal
  • prawn: avoid - it's dead shrimps
  • ring doughnut : doughnut in a ring shape, as opposed to a jam doughnut which is a doughy bun with sweet jam in it
  • rump steak : avoid - it's sirloin meat
  • silverside : top round
  • single cream : light cream
  • sirloin : avoid - it's meat
  • sherbet : powdered candy
  • sponge finger : ladyfinger
  • squash : juice drink Usually the sort that's sugar and colouring, to dilute
  • sugar crystals : see coffee sugar
  • sultana : white raisin
  • sweet corn : whole-kernel corn
  • swede : yellow turnip
  • tart : pie, prostitute or someone who is promiscuous There us usually no moral judgment against
  • toffee : taffy
  • treacle or golden syrup - sweet light brown translucent molasses The darker, more bitter kind (if it is still made) is called molasses or black treacle
  • whipping cream : between light & heavy cream
  • wholemeal: whole wheat
  • allspice : ground permento
  • beet : beetroot
  • bell pepper : green pepper
  • chocolate sprinkles : chocolate vermicelli
  • chicory : endive
  • chips: crisps
  • cookie: sweet biscuit
  • cilantro : coriander leaves
  • confectioner's sugar : icing sugar
  • cooked oatmeal : porridge
  • corn : maize or sweetcorn
  • cornstarch : corn flour
  • corn syrup : sometimes used when making sweets, this is a thinner version of the english treacle - light or dark
  • cotton candy: candy floss
  • cracker: savoury or cheese biscuit
  • cupcake: cupcake or fairy cake
  • custard sauce : custard
  • English muffin : crumpet
  • endive : chicory
  • eggplant: aubergine
  • fava bean : broad bean
  • french fries : chips
  • frosting : icing
  • ginger snap : ginger nut
  • graham crackers : digestive biscuits
  • grain : corn
  • hard candy: boiled sweet
  • hard cider : cider (cider can also mean apple juice in the USA)
  • hard pear cider : perry
  • heavy cream (vegan) : double Elmlea
  • jello : jelly
  • juice drink : squash
  • ladyfinger : sponge finger
  • mince: hamburger meat
  • pie filling (sweet, dried fruit): mincemeat This is not meat
  • plum pudding / christmas pudding : plum duff
  • potato chips : crisps
  • powdered candy - sherbet
  • preserve : jam
  • romaine : cos lettuce
  • Saran wrap : cling film
  • single cream : light cream
  • sirloin - a type of meat - beef
  • string beans ; french beans, runner beans
  • stock, vegetable OXO, vegetable stock, Marmite: brown stock
  • sugar in large crystals : coffee sugar
  • sugar, light brown cane: Demerara sugar
  • tart : pie, prostitute or someone who is promiscuous There us usually no moral judgment against
  • doritos: chips, potato chips
  • molasses : seems to be a generic name for black and light brown treacle
  • taffy : toffee
  • yellow turnip : swede
  • white raisin - sultana
  • whole-kernel corn : sweet corn
  • whole wheat : wholemeal
  • zucchini : courgette
  • zucchini, largest : marrow

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