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Vegan recipe help sources

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altfoodvegan is the least self-explanatory link because it uses Google search site this Usenet group Usenet is the largest of the systems by which anyone - for better or worse - can read or contribute to an e-mail discussion Based on e-mail, rather than the web, you do not have to be logged-on to read the text as long as your server company carries the Usenet group that you want and your software is set-up to read it

Because a lot of people will be reading this site at work or in internet cafes, it seemed best to link to the Google service that indexes Usenet, and doesn't require changes to the settings on your software or downloading of messages It is possible to contribute to the groups through Google, and they give some good instructions for doing this of which an important one is hidden in the last section called "Posting FAQ":

Question: I don't want my email address to be published on the web [because it will be used to send me junk e-mail] , but I still want to post. How can I hide my email address?
Answer: We require a valid email address to post to Google Groups. If you don't want your normal email address to be listed, we encourage you to sign up for an anonymous account with one of the many free email services available on the web and to post from that account .You can find a list of such services by conducting a Google search site or just clicking here

Another way to contribute to Usenet, share recipes and such is to get your e-mail software to keep a mail-box just for messages for a particular group, and automatically update it each time you log-on. It is best done at home, where it's OK to leave the machine set-up do download your recipes, and it is particularly useful if you pay for phone calls to the internet and prefer to read messages while you are not online. You can tell how easy to is to subscribe by clicking this link: news:altfoodvegan Quite likely your e-mail programme will pop-up, know what you want and offer to set-up a mail box for the group. If not, one of the companies - Freuk - has a guide to setting - up Usenet. Most of the others will have some explanation, and there will be something in your e-mail programme's help files under "Usenet" or "news groups".

If you prefer a group with the arguments and the rudeness filtered-out, there is a moderated one in which a brisk volunteer checks each message before it is made public: try news:recfoodvegcooking

Another hazard of Usenet is its tendency to bring ill-suited people together It's useful not to answer irritating messages, and to read any attempts at ground-rules, or answers to frequently asked questions, that may have been written for the group It's good to read a few weeks of posts before posting anything yourself altfoodvegan has no strict rules, but an introduction has been attempted .


The unofficial altfoodvegan FAQ - quoted without permission from the news group as a guide for anyone who might want to contribute Guides to other Usenet groups are available here This isn't a statement by
What is a vegan ?
What's the difference between a vegan an a vegetarian ?
Why do people decide to become vegan ?
What is the purpose of the altfoodvegan news group ?
What is a vegan? A vegan is a person who avoids the use of all animal products, byproducts, and animal-derived substances There are two broad categories of people who are referred to as vegans-those who follow a vegan diet (avoid consuming animal products as food) and those who follow a vegan lifestyle (avoid animal-derived substances in food and other products, and often those that have been developed via animal testing as well) The term vegan may also be used as an adjective to describe a food or that was produced without using, and does not contain, animal-derived substances
What is the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian? A vegetarian diet does not include meat, poultry, or fish, or substances derived from them Those that follow a vegetarian lifestyle also avoid products containing animal, bird, or fish derived substances that were extracted via the direct death of an animal Common non-vegetarian foods or ingredients include meat, fish, poultry, and gelatin Common non-vegetarian materials include silk and leather
A vegan diet excludes the same substances, but also excludes products derived from any form of animal agriculture, including but not limited to those derived from eggs and milk as well as meat, fish, and poultry Common non-vegan foods and ingredients include, but are not limited to, meat, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, honey, gelatin, albumin, whey, and casein Common non-vegan materials include leather, silk, and wool Occasionally, someone following the vegan diet or lifestyle makes an exception and use a food or product when no viable vegan alternative exists, or if they feel there is a compelling reason to do so These decisions are made for many reasons, but are individual deviations Two examples would be a vegan who takes photographs on film with a gelatin emulsion for her job, and a vegans who keeps his own beehive to pollinate his garden, and eats the honey produced by it as an organic alternative to refined sugar These are examples of vegans who have a made a personal exception for a non-vegan product, but the products do not become vegan simply because someone who is otherwise vegan has a
compelling reason to use them
Why do people decide to become vegan? There are many reasons to become vegan Frequently cited reasons include:
Ecology: raising animals for food is much more resource intensive than plant-based agriculture
Religion: many religions support or even advocate the vegan diet and lifestyle as a way to ensure the health of the body or bring more compassion into one's life
Health: a balanced vegan diet has many health advantages over an omnivorous diet, especially for, but not limited to, people who suffer from high cholesterol or high blood pressure
Animal Welfare: concern for the ethics of killing for food (directly or indirectly), the treatment of animals raised as food sources, or a belief in animal rights
What is the purpose of the altfoodvegan news group?
Altfoodvegan is a forum for anyone with an honest interest in issues of concern to vegans There are many types of vegan represented on this group While a topic is not relevant to the group merely because a vegan is interested in it, it is relevant if the issue reflects a motivating factor in becoming vegan These issues include, but are (as always) not limited to: vegan health, vegan foods, vegan recipes, vegan products, animal rights or welfare, organic farming, and environmental issues
The discussion is by no means limited to "practising vegans"- after all, there are no foods consumable by vegans, but not by public at large Many vegan foods are a staple of a balanced diets, and are healthy, low-fat, no cholesterol alternatives to traditional western diets We also welcome people who are acquainted with a vegan and want to learn more about vegans in general If you are interested in learning more about, or perhaps becoming vegan, we are willing to share what we know and /or help out every step of the way Since this is an alt group, altfoodvegan does not have a charter, However, by our own informal agreement this news group exists to share ideas and issues of concern among vegans, but not to debate the merits of vegan versus omnivorous diets or lifestyles
The following is quoted from a post by John A Stuart-Clarke
Subject: The Purpose Of The Group?
Date: Sat, 27 No 1999 20:19:10 -0000

<snip>I think that we all have to live with the fact that some of us are here for diet advice, some for health tips, some for general chat and friendship and some for info on animal rights, environmental news & views, etc Some of us have strong views, some of us have wild views
and some of us have no views at all on the threads we find in here, but we all have some sort of interest in veganism and that should be enough to unite us

end of quote from unofficial introduction to news:altfoodvegan by a member

vegan-foodnet is much more self-explanatory than the altfoodvegan link A lot of the recipes are the same but some people have put time into collecting them into a database format and putting them on a very neat web site At the time of writing there were these sub sections: appetisers,
beverages, biscuits, bread, breakfast, cake, cheese, condiments, confectionery, curry, dessert, eggs, grains, legumes, meat, noodles, nut, pasta, patties, pies, pizza, quiche, salad, sandwiches,
soup, soy, stew, stir-fries, vegetables

Vegwebcom is the oldest of the American online message boards where you can swap recipes once you have given them your e-mail address and a password to become a member Most of these boards are in the USA because of the free local phone calls there when you subscribe to the digest

IVUorg is an international union or trade association of most of the Vegetarian Societies that have been set-up since the mid nineteenth century Some of the history need not be gone-into here in part because it is lost, but as you would expect the web page is a great focus for voluntary effort, from co-ordinating discussion about world hunger to assembling phrase-book supplements and theology to compiling massive lists of recipes that people have sent-in from round the world For example there is a section for root-based currys as well as one for bean-based ones, while the "western" section includes a section on tex-mex The search box on the recipe page can restrict searches to African, Chilies, Chinese, Deserts (Western), East Asian, European, Extras (Western), Greek, Middle East, Holidays, Indian Beans, Indian Chutneys / Spices, Indian Rice / breads, Indian Root Vegetables, Indian Salads, Indian Snacks, Indian Vegetables, Italian, Latin American, Main Courses (Western), Mexican / Tex Mex, Burritos, North American, Pasta, Salads, Snacks & Soups (all Western) There is a form for suggesting even more recipes, although they only have room for vegan ones.

Pugh is an elegantly thorough site I would have called it Kate Pugh except that it looked a bit egotistical for someone who has chosen not to register her own domain name - the site is presumably based on un-paid experience of moderating the news:recfoodvegcooking news group, and of all those who have contributed to it. I have not checked the links and write-up of this site with any great care, so please mention any mistakes.

One US pint is 16 fluid ounces; oneUK pint is 20 fluid ounces (US and UK fluid ounces are also different,but not by enough to worry about) Americans measure many ingredientsby the cup; one cup is 8 fluid ounces
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