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Vegan womens Mary-Jane summer sandals black highly breathable comfortable stretch tops
vegan womens summer sandal with a cool top and mary-jane strap

Vegan womens
summer sandal

£29.50 delivered to the UK

  • Highly breathable nonleather stretchy upper
  • Comfortable in summer
  • No toe puff; stubby shape
  • Wide fitting
  • Removable 5mm thick insole
  • Washable
  • Grippy rubber sole
  • Made in Alicante, Spain
  • Made in a democracy
  • Made in a welfare state
strong breathable court shoe made in the UK from 2mm microfibre Womens vegan court shoes UK-made with comfortable low heels Breathable Bouncing Boot with 4-layer Tredair sole that moulds to the shape of your feet. Extra bouncy sole. Comfortable and long-lasting mens or womens vegan boots made in the UK picture of a plain classic shoe, slightly pointy, 4 eyelets Vegan office shoe made in the UK with breathable microfibre uppers button-front tactile jacket made in London Mens fake leather button jacket zip jacket Zip jackets made in London
Short sleeve polyester and Viscose T shirt made in the UK Thermal T shirts made in the UK breathable vegan belts made to order 1" vegan belt square buckle Several styles of vegan belt buckle on black or brown microfibre straps one inch or one and a half inch wide
European-made black slipper, suitable for vegans microfibre and velour slippers made in the UK and Europe
V-post sandal made in Birmingham womens strappy vegan sandals made in the UK Brown vegan boot made in the UK
Black and brown mens or womens vegan boots
vegan school shoe in smaller sizes made in the UK
Vegan school shoe in small sizes
Conventional slippers with moulded-on rubber soles and grey-green microfibre uppers
High Wedge Sandal made in Birmingham - not breathable High wedge womens vegan sandals mainly brown 8 eyelet bouncing boot with 4 layer cushioned sole and breathable microfibre upper Brown bouncing boots with 4 layer soles Ethletic organic fairtrade trainers in 4 colours + dyable boots
Fair-trade cotton shoes
Slipper for men and boys with a solid rubber cushioned sole moulded to a four colour velour top that has strong stiffeners and an embroidered lion safety slippers to reduce the risk of falls
Canvas shoe on a 1" sole unit, with a fancy patterned vamp for ventlation and laced top
Womens vegan shoes with fabric tops and one inch heels, made in Europe
Vegan camouflage ankle boot made in the UK with a steel safety toe cap and three layer self-moulding Solovair sole Camouflage shoe made in the UK on a comfortable three-layer sole Ethletic dyable boot with free dylon Fair-trade cotton boots Conventional slippers with moulded-on rubber soles and grey-green microfibre uppers
Gardening clogs and wellingtons made in Europe
brown squig vegan shoe as above with a 1" wedge heel and patterns on the mid-brown front like handwriting in white Camouflage 8 eyelet vegan ankle boot with a Solovair sole Camouflage boot made in the UK on a comfortable three-layer sole, and a steel toe cap vegan breathable safety boots to EU standards Vegan safety shoes with breathable microfbre tops and steel toe caps to EU standards

Wellington boots made in Portugal

Welfare State thick canvas and moulded sole boot
Thick canvas unisex vegan boots made in Europe
tall vegan camouflage thigh boots made in the UK with a steel toe cap and strong comfortable three layer Solovair sole Tall camouflage boot made in the UK on a comfortable three layer sole and a steel toe cap black breathable safety shoe made in Albania to EU standardsBlack safety shoes  
cheap womens trainer-like shoe made in Spain white breathable safety shoe made in Italy to EU standards Vegan white safety shoe to EU safety standards, washable or soakable was one of the first companies to sell vegan shoes on the web in 1998 and unfortunately our cheapskate site still shows it! We charge a slightly lower margin than other companies for our british-made footwear that's made for us, including some with unusual 4-layer bouncing soles. We're also unusual in making our own nonleather belts in plenty of combinations of buckle and length out of two strap colours.

Some of our styles come from wholesalers, including Comfylux slippers in a range of widths and lengths to suit sore feet. These things get important to us as we get older.

Shopping cart pages on are run by a specialist e-commerce company with the usual security. Payment can by by card directly to us or via Paypal. sells shoes that avoid the cruelty land waste & gas emissions of animal farming: we are an Ethical Directory site & register products with the Vegan Society. An increasing proportion of our products are made in the UK & Europe, in massively better working conditions than those of most shoe factories, including other ethical fashion and fair trade ones. Some pictures are hosted on Picassa. Our vegan shoes London return address is 2 Avenue Gardens, London SW14 8BP. is listed on Dunn & Bradstreet (no 215700357) and is Upfront .